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Here at Oasis Tans, we are committed to providing our customers with absolute and affordable luxury tanning!


Oasis Tans is proud to offer a luxurious tanning experience

Here at Oasis Tans, we are committed to providing our customers with absolute and affordable luxury tanning! In addition, we have state of the art equipment with great, friendly, knowledgeable staff.  We offer Red Light Therapy, heated, voice instructed Mystic Spray Tan booths, VersaSpa Sunless Spray Tans, Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Teeth Whitening, along with high pressure tanning beds, multiple level UV tanning beds, and stand up tanning booths.

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What our members say

A great place. Well worth it.  Equipment always top notch.  Very clean and modern place. Staff is always helpful and have cheerful attitudes

Jeff Robinson

The best place to go tan. Has the nicest beds and the best membership packages. Really nice and great staff!!

Jared Good

Best tanning salon ever! Gals are pleasant and knowledgeable. My tan is amazing.

Sherry Cameron

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We are located in the heart of Gillette Wyoming.


frequently asked questions

How often should I tan per week?

To build your base we recommend 3-4 Tanning sessions a week.

Do I need an appointment to tan?


Do I need to cancel my membership if I wanna take a break from Tanning?

No. You can put your membership on freeze for $5 a month until you're ready to start Tanning again! Make sure this is done by the 15th of the current month.

How often do I need to tan to maintain my color?

1-2 time's a week to maintain your color! We also recommend getting a Tan Extender!

Do I need to wear goggles when I Tan?


Do I need to burn the first time I Tan?

No, we recommend you gradually build your tan! The golden Rule of Tanning is - Never Burn!

How do I purchase a Membership?

You can purchase a membership by contacting us, or stop in for a tour and talk with our Tanning Professionals to find which Memberships works best for you!

What Tanning lotion should I use?

Give us a call or come in and we'd love to help you find the right lotion for you!

What do you recommend when you hit a tanning plateau ?

We recommend you switch your tanning beds, and rotate tanning lotions you use.

Does tanning indoors help vitamin D levels?

Yes you will increase your vitamin D level when you tan with us!

Do you need to use Professional Tanning Lotion?

Yes, we highly recommend you use a professional tanning lotion from us, when you use a professional tanning lotion your body starts tanning within the first 30 seconds. Without using a professional tanning lotion, your body will take 7 - 10 minutes to start the tanning process when you do not use tanning lotion. Come in and ask us what lotions you should use!

How much are your Tanning Lotions?

We have lotions that start at $17! Please consult with one of our tanning professionals to find which lotion works right for you!

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